Nature photographer adopts cheerful field mice, crafts playgroud village for them

The setting is a carefully crafted miniature village, with several tiny single room abode — and single entrance — constructed with mostly locally sourced natural materials ( twigs, coconut bark, and ferns )  amidst logs pilings protected from cats. the mice village sits side by side a chestnut tree , peaceful, in the backyard garden of this Sheffield home.

This oddly unique ‘ prairiesque’  hamlet is home to George, the cheerful little field mice, and his family , adopted by Simon Dell, a UK nature photographer who spends hours chronicling his merry life with that of his partner and expected liters.  George had charmed his way into the photographer’s heart , who has in turn accommodated the marry mice in his well crafted miniature village.


Dell, had stumbled upon “George”– while he fled from the neighborhood cats– during his nature walk and decided to offer him shelter considering  and food to as a sort of curiosity which so far has gathered support on his daily Facebook page. .

“Being a keen wildlife photographer I am often taking photos of birds on the feeders in the garden. Then one day I looked down to see a very cute little house mouse standing up in the grass.”

The initial log pilings offered little shelter, so Dell set to task fitting it with tunnels and internal spacing, and adding several opening to allow easy movement.  All of his effort  accumulated in a miniaturized  mice village for little George to run around;  safe from his natural enemies.

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