10+ detailed shell painting by Mary Kenyon

Texan creative Mary Kenyon has spent some time painting and and crafting trinkets from beads and colored stones. Her recent works blends her passions into “treasures like shell”

Several of her , handpicked seas shells are ornamented with details and colors to give them an added flair.


Gothenburg gets coloured with lego bridge by christo guelov

Christo’s artistic intervention is to seek, to break the gravity, the volume and the great weight of the intervened object. In this case the Älvsborgsbron bridge, in down town Gothenburg, Sweden. Which the artist had covered with disgusting brick-like matte.

the bridge installation is part of the “lets colour gothernburg” program which is seeking to smooth the silhouette of the centrepiece of the city, adding emotion to the form, an environment and lighting up the overall aesthetic through the colour. Although not entirely, both of the bridge’s supporting towers are covered in bright repeated colours grid–  curating a revised surface for the  landmark.

fullscreen_1509305853_46b0814dd1c0bedac93978b293d47573Urban Art&Design | Älvsborgsbron bridge | “Let’s color Gothenburg” | Gothenburg Art 

let’s colour gothenburg’ further integrates social sensibility with art through community services;  unemployed youths in Gothenburg were brought into work to aid with the accomplishment of the project; Most of whom were recruited from several neighbourhoods around the city. Mostly from  where unemployment is highest.

participating youths were given painting lessons and allowed to help. told  to go reinvigorate their suburbs and streets with brilliant arts. 

‘Change has established as a rule in the world of visual communication. It is the art of the present. This dynamic evolution, which is dynamized by ourselves, at the same time changes us and determines our perception of the reality that surrounds us, an increasingly more “augmented reality”, is the main concept.” 

 By participation, the youths will be trained to be professional artists and eventually get jobs or create one, easing the unemployment of the area

Urban Art&Design | Älvsborgsbron bridge | “Let’s color Gothenburg” | Gothenburg Art

img_2_1509305853_01cc4784f5cee9b346bdbacf8ac6ebfc (1)Urban Art&Design | Älvsborgsbron bridge | “Let’s color Gothenburg” | Gothenburg Art 

 uelovs art usually revolve around  four main themes: Light, Movement, Rhythm, Colour. How they interact and affect us. His arts seeks to open up horizons for human experiences, which is the main source of creative energy, both in science and in art.

…To inquire into ‘something’ apparently non-existent or invisible to others and to provide it with real presence has always been the natural mechanism to generate usefulness for “art objects”


img_1_1509305853_c170cf22fc767a29d6091db901a6a250Urban Art&Design | Älvsborgsbron bridge | “Let’s color Gothenburg” | Gothenburg Art 

img_4_1509305853_f0567d7e1fb457f74417c767dda38a2c Urban Art&Design | Älvsborgsbron bridge | “Let’s color Gothenburg” | Gothenburg Art


img_3_1509305853_521cb0b6ebdcdfd7e922861334e0c5aa Urban Art&Design | Älvsborgsbron bridge | “Let’s color Gothenburg” | Gothenburg Art

img_2_1509305853_01cc4784f5cee9b346bdbacf8ac6ebfcUrban Art&Design | Älvsborgsbron bridge | “Let’s color Gothenburg” | Gothenburg Art

Australia’s Michael Chorney unveils portraits of kangaroos.

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Pencil sketches of the aussie national animal has been popping all around southern Australia for a while now. Recently at the famous South Australian Museum  where a public curation of the best potrait of kangaroos took place . Poise , vibrant and concise , the artwork captures wild kangaroos in unique poses. The creator artist Micheal Chorney is a Australian of Ukrainian heritage based in Adelaide.

And, his present exhibition is the combination of an intimate study of character of the Australian Kangaroo consisting of numerous drawings from 2014 and ongoing. In this series,he  concentrates on an up close and personal understanding of the nature of Australian Kangaroos and  captures the essence of their unique characters in an expressive highly energetic manner in black on white drawings on frame stretched paper.

Graduated from the ‘South Australian School of Art’ in 1976 majoring in fine art painting , Micheal worked in theatrical set construction which then led to many years in the film industry as a Scenic Artist / Set designer on various productions such as “Mad Max 3”, “Gallipolis”, “Fortress”, “The Year of Living Dangerously”, “Street fighter”. My career in the industry peaked in 1994.

He presently run the design outfit ‘Chorney Studios’ which to this day has the core activity of Design and Construction of water features, sculpture and paintings for private and corporate collectors.




In 1974 I graduated with a Diploma in Fine Art Painting from the South Australian School of Art.



Artistic rendition of bizarre creatures with brush piants

This 28 year old German artist  does beautiful paint brush work  of impressive artworks.  He paints scenarios, vampires, wolves and warring female angels.

Johannes Voss is quite gifted with the brush ,as his paintings are quite graphic and almost authentic in nature.

Checkout his works below for some of his works

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Amazing Realistic 3D street art

Street arts are amazing. A big part of the life-style here in Melbourne; they are vibrate and offer a sense of “buzzing” seductiveness to the streets along center place.

In our wondering about, we found a form of street art that looks almost “too good to be unreal” Nikolaj Arndt,  born  1975 in a little town in Russia named Gavrilov Posad is a stret artist who specializes in creeping the hell-out-of-people with his beautiful 3d representations.

He made his studies at a Pedagogic Artist College. During the following 10 years, he lived in the city Iwanovo and had often the chance to pursue his passion: the painting.
In 2006, Nikolaj Arndt moved to Germany. Since 2009 he participates at street art festivals in different cities and states, applying his technique of 3D art.
Nikolaj Arndt currently teaches at a private art school and is working together with advertising agencies and galleries.

Be sure to see some of his works below.

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