Pakistani dentist puts glitters and diamond on everything to make them sparkle

Several of her works feature ordinary items, which are made to sparkle after intense editing. crystal Sparkles is a project which aims to bring curiosity and delight to the viewer as it blankets images with sparkly diamond, crystals and rainbows.

The work of a Pakistani dentist– in training- unsatisfied with her career directions, and obsessed with glamorizing the world around her,  the largely self taught artist had start off putting her favorite fashion item on body stretchmarks to beautify a feature which is strongly associated with negativity as a means to finding healing.

Sara shakeel

The resulting project, Bodyglitters, a serious of models with glitters ‘pimped out ‘ stretchmarks,  inspired by her obsession was made a hashtag on social media to push a rethink and encourage positive body image. A project which set the template for her new direction into photo editing.

She moved on to general glitterizing, and with several uploads later her editing had gone viral attracting the likes of Emirates, Swiss luxury brands : Bally and Swarovski and an award from glamour Italy


Artist show how to creating Fine-art with Arabic numbers and few lines.

Sumera Saleemis is  an artist, and a teacher by profession whose aim is to teach drawing in the most painless steps possible whilst still achieving the same creative beauty. The main theme of her recent work is a series of paintings called the beauty of nature. It chronicles how she does simple drawings with Arabic numerals and 3 0r 2 easy to follow steps. Citing her Facebook page

” I always enjoy the beauty of nature .I am always reminded of the greatness of Allah. I absolutely love the simple beautiful things and enjoys the sunsets because it is when humility, love, gratefulness and hope are easily understood and felt. 🙂 Whatever i see and feel I try to put it into the canvas and share my thoughts.

She hope to teach people that painting can be simple and fun too. Below are some of her  works but a fully collection is on her page where she has over 130k likes.

contact: Website | Facebook

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