SIPA Contest Photo of the Year 2018

The annual  Sipa photo contest has just wrapped up their selection for 2018 From the numerous entries and categories to be featured on. Every year, the photo contest adds  a special category to include more entries.  And this year,  Splash of Colors, was added  to show off stunning aesthetics compositions.

In total, the entrants competed in 11 categories, ranging from stunning landscapes to subtle portraits and dramatic sports moments. The grand prize, the Photo of the Year award, went to Bangladeshi photographer K M Asad for his shot Battle Victim. Asad has been documenting the plight of the persecuted Rohingya in Myanmar for six years now, and this chilling photo of a young Rohingya refugee perfectly portrays the terrible human tragedy unfolding there.

Over all winner


Battle Victim
Author: K M Asad (BD)

Architecture & Urban Spaces

Author: Adrien Barakat (CH)
Location: Harbin (CHINA)
EntAuthor: Fyodor Savintsev (RU)
Location: Arkhangelsk (Russia)


Enter a caAuthor: Misha De-Stroyev (FR)
Location: Henningsvær, Lofoten Islands (Norway)

Splash of Colors

Author: Sina Falker (DE)
Location: Borneo (Indonesia)


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Dutchbeach art installation sees massive symmetric designs around the Netherlands


massive temporary geoglyphs dot the beaches  along the north sea; in the Netherlands.  featuring motifs of plants; and human portraits escalated to huge dominating designs. they are mostly of several feet in length and made very close to sea reachable alone by high tides.

  I love the idea of temporary art because all things in life are temporary. I grew up on the beach where I lived during the summer. I have always been drawing on the beach using materials I found at the there. 6 years ago I started using a rake. This way I could make the drawings much bigger.” it’s creative artist have said.



Dutchbeach art

each beach art design takes him an average of 4hours; scraping and shaping the semiwet sands with his rake. Dutchbeachart had started out with a DIY rig to take pictures of his works from above ground.

mounting  a GoPro on a kite he was able to capture lot of his early design until graduating into drone photos. He is inspired by tattoo artists, street art and geometry.



Dutchbeach art



Dutchbeach art



Dutchbeach art


Dutchbeach art



Dutchbeach art



Dutchbeach art




Dutchbeach art.



Dutchbeach art.


The skylines of Chicago in Monochrome

Chicago Skyline from The Pritzker Pavillion, Millennium Park | Chicago, IL
Two Prudential Plaza (L) Aon Center (R) | Chicago, IL | Loebl, Schlossman & Hackl; Edward Durell Stone w/ Perkins & Will
Two Prudential Plaza | Chicago, IL | Loebl, Schlossman & Hackl
Wrigley Building (L) Chicago Tribune (R) | Chicago, IL | Graham, Anderson, Probst & White; Howells & Hood
Wrigley Building (L) Chicago Tribune (R) | Chicago, IL | Graham, Anderson, Probst & White; Howells & Hood
London Guarantee Building (L), Mather Tower (R) | Chicago, IL
35 East Wacker Drive | Chicago, IL | Giaver Dinkelberg Thielbar & Fugard
Marina City, IBM Building, Trump Tower (L-R) | Chicago, IL | Bertrand Goldberg; Mies van der Rohe; SOM
Brunswick Building (L) & Richard J. Daley Center (R) | Chicago, IL | SOM; CF Murphy; Loebl, Schlossman, Bennett
Xerox Center (L) & Chase Tower (R) | Chicago, IL | Helmut Jahn; CF Murphy


Best of the Drones : SkyPixel reveals winning entries

Skypixel is  website which styles itself as a  gallery  which collects and curates the best of photographs, but not just any other , but those taken specifically with drones. Keeping to it tradition. the 2016 winners of the Skypixel photo contest. Drawing from thousands of entries, the photos were sorted into nature of the photographers and three content category: Beauty , Drone in use, and 360.  

The nature of photographer entails , the skill levels, which are either professionals or Enthusiasts. Beauty covers all round aesthetics of the environment of the photo, effects and awe inspiring  nature of the photos. Drone in Use, require the drone to be in the photograph, this could be achieved by another drone or conventional cameras.  

360 cover the panoramic general photo environment, depth and clarity of the photo. This include a VR view of the subject including a very detailed capture. Ausquerry, curated the list and brough the best two in each categories,  three in each still levels  and  some standout photos. 


Grand Winner : Fishermen close the net



CATEGORY :  Beauty ( Professionals ) 

1. Exploration



2. Spillway Selfie



CATEGORY :  Drone in Use ( Professional ) 

1. A Happy Morning


2. Meet the Phantom


CATEGORY :  360 Photos ( Professional  ) 

1. The Starry Night


2. Hidden Lake in 360




CATEGORY :  Beauty ( Amateur) 

1.  Overbridge


2. Greenwaves



CATEGORY :  Drone in Use ( Amateur ) 

1. Despectus


2. Inspire in use



CATEGORY :  360 Photos ( Amateur ) 

1. Flying Ink of Tianshan Mountain


2. Sunset of Chengdu



Other standout nominees include: 














Aditya redraws nature in angular and cubical anatomies.

Aditya from Indonesia tries to visualise some animals in different form. Using Photo editing tools, he reshapes pictures of animals in rectangles and squares, a process known as  Anicube or Animal Cube.

I am interested in the cubical shape and trying to change some animal form into cubes. First, I was afraid if it would be nicer than the original shape. I was really curious about the results, so I tried to find some funny animal pictures to be changed into Anicube.” he had commented about why he chose this unique perspective to viewing nature. 

To make his images, the pictures of the animal pictures were collected from Unsplash and Pixabay. Aditya is an indonesian illustrator and a freelance design. Below are some of his works. 6odj4qiwl0s-lisa-lyne-blevins-5879e6ade84da__880

















Elshamy mimics natural environments with sets of minimalist photos

Travel is big and with social media fuelling this passion, more and more persons with the means gets to share their experience. But  or most of us without the financial capacity, it hurts scrolling through gigabytes of pictures wishing for some sort of lucky break. But one self taught designer has decided to do something about it.  With his latest project called : “Life” the egyptian born film marker takes a series of minimalist photographs,  which are exact replicas of the natural thing. 

One of my dreams to travel the world with my camera, take photos of wildlife animals and under the sea creatures, swimming with whales, dolphins, etc. like a National Geographic photographer, so was the purpose of this project to create my own wildlife photography using some animals and sea creatures models in my room studio..”   Amr Elshamy  says.
Elshammy , also a filmmaker , started  work on “LIFE”  the later part 2016, working for 2 months. To make the detailed replicas , he had to partner with the Chinese company “MOJO FUN” . Also this project was a way for him to campaign against global warming and other form of environmental degradation. The clean outcome was achieved with photoshop. 


For the north pole photo, 2 flash heads one on the top (Soft-Box), and one behind the background were used to get a nice clean white background,  and snow sprinkled was bought for 1.2$ 
Before and after using photoshop.
Before and after using photoshop
Polar Bears
An  Orca
Humpback whales

New device allow iphone pictures underwater and in extreme places..


For  iPhone 7 and iPhone 7+

 Iphone  7+ is a great piece of device. It takes good pictures. it’s a shame you can’t swim with this phone, because the iPhone 7 handled underwater photography like a champ Or is it? although it was built to be water resistant, it isn’t completely waterproof.  A prolonged exposure might damage your device.  lenzO is company  designed to help your iPhone 7+ still get high quality  underwater photos. or in extreme environments. Making it an unofficial diving camera. 

This ingenious encasing was thought up by Mr valentins ranetkins, and  anthony lenzo and founded   valstech in Montreal , Canada to exploit the potential of encasing

” ..using an anti-reflective dome lens to align with the phone’s internal camera. The lens is designed to provide optically precise images underwater with no soft corners or distortion. incorporating two built-in color correction filters—one red and one magenta— at the back of the device,  to adjust the white-balance, allowing you to shoot in both green and blue tinted waters. ”


Hard airtight  ceramic coating

ranetkins lenzo valstech 01-30-17 designboom


The main body of the case is made from solid aluminum;  ceramic coating and an acrylic panel protect the screen. This allow for normal swipe controls even under water using external knots  outside the case. You could take picture, watch video and record experiences with much physical contact with the screen.

Plastic back casing , also water resistant.

ranetkins lenzo valstech 01-30-17 designboom



Can manage a deep of over 20m and still take clear pictures

ranetkins lenzo valstech 01-30-17 designboom




Transparent Viewing screenranetkins lenzo valstech 01-30-17 designboom

the dome lens aligns with the iPhone’s internal camera

ranetkins lenzo valstech 01-30-17 designboom

lenzo has an ergonomic control system that monitors the touchscreen

ranetkins lenzo valstech 01-30-17 designboom

lenzO has inbuild color correction to adjust white balence

ranetkins lenzo valstech 01-30-17 designboom

the internal arm touches the screen when pressed from the outside




In Pursuit of Night Light: By Iranian Mehran. N

A series of dark photograph, each  with captured features of nature in stillness with very faint lighting to show the way. The waters reflect  the moonlight off it rushing surface, the beach pebbles glow in the distance. All these effect  seem to give the photos a greyscale colouring.  The are all full misc images taken by Iranian photography , Mehran Naghsbandi  . Mehran had grown up in the mountainous regions of Sanandaj, Iran  where he had gain appreciation for the way the moon brought light to the valley. 

Most of his photos are fashioned similarly and taken late at night, tto early in the morning or during a for–mist. He explores a large range of theme with is photography, from urbanism , landscape to dynamic nature. 

“My passion is to reconnect human and nature. Make them see the spirit, pure beauty and details of their normal but simultaneously peculiar surroundings. ” he had said on his website.  

 nature around me so much. I hear the sea closer than any sound and hike for hours in the maze of jungles. I love to record the scenes many people have forgotten to see and feel clearly despite the fact that they are exposed to them every day.”

Born in Iran in 1990 ,he moved from his home town to north of Iran to study industrial design,

January 27, 2017

Australia’s Michael Chorney unveils portraits of kangaroos.

Media :  ( MichaelChorney/h ) : Facebook : Twitter 


Pencil sketches of the aussie national animal has been popping all around southern Australia for a while now. Recently at the famous South Australian Museum  where a public curation of the best potrait of kangaroos took place . Poise , vibrant and concise , the artwork captures wild kangaroos in unique poses. The creator artist Micheal Chorney is a Australian of Ukrainian heritage based in Adelaide.

And, his present exhibition is the combination of an intimate study of character of the Australian Kangaroo consisting of numerous drawings from 2014 and ongoing. In this series,he  concentrates on an up close and personal understanding of the nature of Australian Kangaroos and  captures the essence of their unique characters in an expressive highly energetic manner in black on white drawings on frame stretched paper.

Graduated from the ‘South Australian School of Art’ in 1976 majoring in fine art painting , Micheal worked in theatrical set construction which then led to many years in the film industry as a Scenic Artist / Set designer on various productions such as “Mad Max 3”, “Gallipolis”, “Fortress”, “The Year of Living Dangerously”, “Street fighter”. My career in the industry peaked in 1994.

He presently run the design outfit ‘Chorney Studios’ which to this day has the core activity of Design and Construction of water features, sculpture and paintings for private and corporate collectors.




In 1974 I graduated with a Diploma in Fine Art Painting from the South Australian School of Art.