Amazing series of colourful images shows London doorways

Photographer Bella captures the colours and fashion of the doorsways around the financial capital of the United Kingdom.

Her project ,”Doors_of_Londons” attempts to chronicle the unique doorways aesthetics of this ancient capital, born out of the love for colours and photography, covers different establishments, from shops to homes and array of colours and foreground objects.

Bella has also done a few “door snaps” around Europe; Netherland and Denmark included. She currently shares several of her shots weekly on her social media DoorsofLondon


Turkish photographer shows 100 faces through Istanbul airport

Inspired by the numerous, and unique faces though the departure hall in Ataturk airport daily, and the seemingly endless casscade of cultures on display from every corners of globe, a turkish photographer is collecting faces.

Mustafa, a part-time photographer from Istanbul has created  “100 Faces 100 Countries ” a photography project which focuses on keeping a peice of those transient cultures in human portraits, through Turkey, for posterity.

”  It is like a treasure for a photographer like me! This inspired me to combine my passion for photography with my work at the airport “

Mustafa Çankaya collects experiences as well as expressions. He not only seeks oddity in physical aesthetic, clothing,  hairs, and carry-ons but also the story behind the travelers.

“100 face from 100 countries” started in 2018 and has do far featured 117 portraits from 77 different countries, and on track to reaching a 100 different countries.



Russia Siberia


Bash the percussionist arrived from the burning man festival in Nevada 🇺🇸 & now heading to Cairo country 


Ibrahim Zethy dancer from Rwanda at the Airport,  

South Korea

Philip Chang  arrived from Sweden with his friend,


Nicole is a tattooer from Odessa, Ukraine 


Jonnel is a seaman from Philippines  on his last journey he was 10 months and 20 days over the sea, at the moment taking a rest with his family for Christmas


Miha is a photographer + filmmaker + travel writer

Ryan Godzilling is a travelogue satire with a life size animatronic figurine

a live size figurine of Godzilla, a  Japanese original  ” movie monster” which — alone  with King Kong– is famous for destroying cities has been showing up around the world. seen “photographed with icons and monuments”, the Godzilla effigy feature in backdrops appreciating the beauty of landmarks it would have, otherwise had stumped on with aggressive rage.  and sometimes, along with his US based owner.

the travel companion of Australian photographer, Kieran Murray  , Ryan is a ”  travel all around, getting into all sorts of shenanigans” sort of digital installation  , in a new series of edited photo project tagged ,” Ryan Godzilling ” . The figurine is expected to inject sensibly and activity into the icon.

5392d760399421.5a4bd076f16d0  Godzilla doing laundry  ( photo courtesy:Kieran Murray ) 

the barely 0.5m tall plastic  model was a souvenir brought by the photographer,  from Chicago. and as an amateur film maker trying to hone his skill, Travel the globe editing and resizing Ryan into backgrounds of cities his visits.

…Travelling on your own is awesome, but it can be frustrating to have a stranger take a photo of you in front of that landmark only to see that its framed awfully or out of focus..”  the prospective film maker had written.

Since then, Ryan has organically evolved into an independent character from the photographer himself, and far from the photofinishing practice material it started out as.

46aed860399421.5a4bd076f2c0eGodzilla grocery shopping  ( photo courtesy:Kieran Murray ) 

Kieran Murray is a Digital Content Creator with a background in film and visual effects. and a graduate of Griffith University in Film.

29f5f160399421.5a4bd076efc7cGodzilla in the sub-way in New York   ( photo courtesy:Kieran Murray ) 

28a88a60399421.5a4bd076f0641Godzilla day at the museum  ( photo courtesy:Kieran Murray ) 

10a92760399421.5a4bd076f3453Godzilla on Team USA   ( photo courtesy:Kieran Murray ) 

3ccf1a60399421.5a4bd076f101bGodzilla bull fighting  ( photo courtesy:Kieran Murray ) 

2fb92060399421.5a4bd076ef353Godzilla in Dubai’s airport  ( photo courtesy:Kieran Murray ) 

2adbdb60399421.5a4bd076f218cGodzilla on the hudson  ( photo courtesy:Kieran Murray ) 

626f4f60399421.5a4bd076f13feGodzilla taking down bridges  ( photo courtesy:Kieran Murray ) 


b7cd1060399421.5a5979bc039a6Godzilla arrested by New York police  ( photo courtesy:Kieran Murray ) 

MAD architects calls for applications; as travel exchange fellowship 2017 opens

MAD Travel Fellowship was initiated by Ma Yansong in 2009. And each year, the program sponsors college and university students across china, overseas  and over the globe to china;  and travelling with their own research topics. During the past 7 years, the program has sponsored 35 students from universities across Mainland China for their international architecture travels to Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America.

MAD architects announces expanded 2017 travel fellowship

MAD believes it is only through travel – the visceral experience of interacting with, and being influenced by, different spaces – that one can begin to understand ideas of context and thereby gain a deeper insight into the practice of architecture.



 Application process: 

  • -Panel judge: Ma Yansong
  • -Application deadline: May 14, 2017
  • -Recipient announcement: May 22, 2017
  • Application Requirements
  • -Selected applicants must currently be an undergraduate or graduate architecture student;
  • -500 word letter of intent:
  • *Personal ideals and perspectives on architecture;
  • *Proposed travel destination(s) and sites of interest;
  • *Individual research topic.
  • -CV (profile including personal,education and contact information);
  • -Portfolio (a curated selection of the applicant’s work).
  • Please submit the above materials as one 6mb A4 PDF
  • to
  • The application file should be named as follows:
  • school_major_graduating year_name.pdf

Akhil Suhas explores New Zealand in LOTR themed costume

New Zealand is middle Earth. As it seeks to market itself as the fictional region of the blockbuster sci-fi movie, The Lord of the Rings. With might fjords and rolling cliffs, it is one beautiful landscape to explore and the film make sure of this, allowing shots from from all conners of this twin Island country.

Which better way to explore than like one of the most travelled character of the movie.  Photographer Akhil Suhas’s takes a 6-month trip across the country in the ropes of  Gandalf the magician.

This 9,000-mile adventure was themed #GandalfTheGuide where he shares his pictures of important icons of New Zealand with him in the background.



I wanted a recurring subject in my photos and with so many photographers visiting the country, I figured that I needed to do something to set me apart!” he said. “I was watching the LOTR for the 5th time when I figured New Zealand is famous for 2 things: its landscapes and the LOTR + Hobbit Trilogies. So why not combine the two by having Gandalf in the landscapes?

At first, he tried self-portraits: “I tried the camera on a tripod with a timer shot, didn’t work for me,” Suhas said. “So, I started asking the people I met along the way if they wanted to put on the outfit.” Surprisingly, people agreed, and Suhas created an amazing small-person-big-landscape photo tour of New Zealand.



Best of the Drones : SkyPixel reveals winning entries

Skypixel is  website which styles itself as a  gallery  which collects and curates the best of photographs, but not just any other , but those taken specifically with drones. Keeping to it tradition. the 2016 winners of the Skypixel photo contest. Drawing from thousands of entries, the photos were sorted into nature of the photographers and three content category: Beauty , Drone in use, and 360.  

The nature of photographer entails , the skill levels, which are either professionals or Enthusiasts. Beauty covers all round aesthetics of the environment of the photo, effects and awe inspiring  nature of the photos. Drone in Use, require the drone to be in the photograph, this could be achieved by another drone or conventional cameras.  

360 cover the panoramic general photo environment, depth and clarity of the photo. This include a VR view of the subject including a very detailed capture. Ausquerry, curated the list and brough the best two in each categories,  three in each still levels  and  some standout photos. 


Grand Winner : Fishermen close the net



CATEGORY :  Beauty ( Professionals ) 

1. Exploration



2. Spillway Selfie



CATEGORY :  Drone in Use ( Professional ) 

1. A Happy Morning


2. Meet the Phantom


CATEGORY :  360 Photos ( Professional  ) 

1. The Starry Night


2. Hidden Lake in 360




CATEGORY :  Beauty ( Amateur) 

1.  Overbridge


2. Greenwaves



CATEGORY :  Drone in Use ( Amateur ) 

1. Despectus


2. Inspire in use



CATEGORY :  360 Photos ( Amateur ) 

1. Flying Ink of Tianshan Mountain


2. Sunset of Chengdu



Other standout nominees include: 














Elshamy mimics natural environments with sets of minimalist photos

Travel is big and with social media fuelling this passion, more and more persons with the means gets to share their experience. But  or most of us without the financial capacity, it hurts scrolling through gigabytes of pictures wishing for some sort of lucky break. But one self taught designer has decided to do something about it.  With his latest project called : “Life” the egyptian born film marker takes a series of minimalist photographs,  which are exact replicas of the natural thing. 

One of my dreams to travel the world with my camera, take photos of wildlife animals and under the sea creatures, swimming with whales, dolphins, etc. like a National Geographic photographer, so was the purpose of this project to create my own wildlife photography using some animals and sea creatures models in my room studio..”   Amr Elshamy  says.
Elshammy , also a filmmaker , started  work on “LIFE”  the later part 2016, working for 2 months. To make the detailed replicas , he had to partner with the Chinese company “MOJO FUN” . Also this project was a way for him to campaign against global warming and other form of environmental degradation. The clean outcome was achieved with photoshop. 


For the north pole photo, 2 flash heads one on the top (Soft-Box), and one behind the background were used to get a nice clean white background,  and snow sprinkled was bought for 1.2$ 
Before and after using photoshop.
Before and after using photoshop
Polar Bears
An  Orca
Humpback whales

Media: instagram : (filtergrade /h )

Germany is a forest country with lot of spectacular landscape views. Rivers , lakes ,  an array of man made castles and the majestic black woods of bavaria; it has got it . But what is the point if there isn’t enough people around to appreciate these natural and non man made beauty.

A 16 year german has taken it on himself to bring to the attention of the world the essence of his country. Jannik Obenhoff is a landscape photographer who travels around the countryside taking light filtered images of natural spots around Deutschland .

Jannik lives for the outdoors , exploring the lush forests, foggy mountain tops and clear blue lakes and ” unselfishingly ” capturing those majestic views  for other without the means to travel, an activity he considers part of his hobbies.

“If you won’t go out and explore, you won’t see how beautiful nature can be,” Jannik added on his Instagram’s blog.

Jannik  , with over 500 post on instagram and several froya into Austria  he shares his work with over 400k followers and offers photo lighting training here


More info: Instagram

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2016 Grand title winner : Tim Laman

High in the canopy, a young male orang-utan returns to feast on a crop of figs. Tim knew he would be back. After three days of climbing up and down himself, he hid several GoPro cameras in the canopy, triggering them remotely from the forest floor when he saw the orang-utan climbing. He had long visualised this shot, looking down on the orang-utan within its forest home.

A vital story captured in one remarkable frame by Tim Laman , a wild life photographer aiming to bring the plight of such orang-utan to more people . The story is well-known but we need outstanding photography like this to bring it across to us afresh . It touches our hearts and our minds – and just might help support actions to stop the destruction of it habitat.

Tim also captured the other part of the indonesian eco-system which cover the aquatic , terrestrial and dendritic animals lives.

media : website : facebook : Instagram : twitter


Sometimes known as the gardeners of the forest, Bornean orang-utans are highly intelligent. Like humans, they exhibit culture, with different groups displaying unique behaviours and traditions. Orang-utans in Borneo have been seen using leaves as napkins to wipe their chins, building sun shades above their nests and even crafting umbrellas to stay dry in the tropical downpours.

Tim is a field biologist and wildlife photojournalist with a reputation for returning from the wild with shots of nearly impossible subjects. His pioneering research in the rainforest canopy led to a PhD from Harvard University and the first of many articles for National Geographic magazine. His work has garnered numerous awards, including many in Wildlife Photographer of the Year.