Hapless tobacco

The entomology above could be explained in parts. Hapless, which  translates as unlucky. And tobacco, the generic name of the nicotine producing plants of the Americas.

Hapless tobacco or unlucky tobacco, is a campaign to draw the public’s attention to the plight of the tobacco plant. The only one  from the Columbia exchange to  enjoy  wild acceptance in the turn of the 19 century, and now rejection due to our insight into it’s unhealthy benefits.



Artists, designers and contents creators rely heavily on tobacco for inspiration and endurance boost. Most take them, and encourage others too through their crafts, but we aren’t on any illusions it is a safe product.

Tobacco kills thousands yearly.

  • Tobacco kills up to half of its users.
  • Tobacco kills more than 7 million people each year. More than 6 million of those deaths are the result of direct tobacco use while around 890 000 are the result of non-smokers being exposed to second-hand smoke.
  • Nearly 80% of the world’s more than 1 billion smokers live in low- and middle-income countries.

The creative community takes a significant portion of this number which concerns us deeply, as we curate a large number of this particular group.  It’s an unsustainable habit  ( not adding second hand smokers  with no safe levels of exposure.)

A series  of ban has followed with countries around the globe, trying to limit tobacco use or stop it all together. The WHO report 2017, shows an extensive picture of this trend.

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But there exist a dilemma  to this entire paradigm. Tobacco is business for some, ( jobs et .al ) and a vice for many others.  In a free world people should be allowed to choose what they like to participate in ( assuming no danger is posed to others around him/her) , which we respect.

But as more and more of those bans persist, we have to ask the question, what is next for the ” unlucky – tobacco?  Is it innovating enough to deal with the dangers of smoking?

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That is why HAPLESS TOBACCO was launched. We aren’t too keen on smoking either but are on freedom to choice. And applaud efforts from Tobacco companies to advance research, and seek relatively harmless alternatives, to nicotine filled patch for that designer , or artist who wants one.  but lots of people still don’t know about this yet so demonize tobacco companies.


As a Design company our deal is to make this knowledge common place, to  bridge the gap between health and innovation, moral value to life and product design.  We seek to work with Tobacco companies to make avail their cache of new, less harmful alternatives to the cigarette.

The “Hapless tobacco”  campaign would be a list of  informative graphical videos and  creative Ad campaign around the new alternatives to hapless tobacco which allows for indulgence without the risk of cancer. All shared across our media space. We know we can’t stop designers and artists from taking a puff once in a while, but want to make sure it’s harmless enough; when they do.

Hello ! I am Sandra from Ausquerry;  design and media outfit. And we are seeking a financing partnership with you  to create contents  and distribute ( and would leave your logo or titular out if you so wish)

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For more details: media@ausquerry.com or write directly to the head of marketing sandrashutze@ausquerry.com . visit (www.ausquerry.com / www.ausquerry.com.au )